Family Dinner Groups

20 Jan

(Below is a letter I wrote to our church about something we’re starting this year. It’s something I’m really excited about.)


As you’ve probably heard by now, we’re starting something in February that is going to be a major part of what we do at Center City in 2016 and beyond.

More and more, folks are trading face to face (that is to say, real) relationships for digital ones. I’m reading a book now on this phenomenon called “Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age.” In it, the author Sherry Turkle outlines the death of conversation and as a result, the death of true relationships. This is startling.

The early church grew around dinner tables. They spent substantive time together sharing life—often in the form of meals (See Acts:2:42-47). We’re going to follow their lead. This year we’re going to grow and deepen our relationships with one another and with God. These groups are going to be the context for that growth. As we prioritize time with one another, we’ll move past the pleasantries of functional relationships into a genuine space where love is formed. We are all yearning for connection with people and yet continue to live isolated and fragmented lives. I don’t want that to be true of our community. If we’re really family, we should be spending unhurried time together regularly.

In addition to our meals together each week all around the city, we’re going to be reading NT Wright’s great book “Simply Good News” as a community. This book will be the starting point for conversation each week at dinner. Go ahead and order a copy here or we’ll have some copies available on Sunday for purchase.

On Sunday, January 31st, we’re going to be doing an interest meeting for potential hosts at the Docusen home. I would love for some of you to be at that meeting and consider hosting a group.

I will send additional information in the coming weeks.

God is going to do real stuff around your dinner tables this year.

-Pastor Joseph

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    So excited to announce our Family Dinner Groups at Center City Church that will be starting in February. Check out Pastor Joseph Phillips’ thoughts on what we’re up to these days.

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